To Eminescu
Anca Nicolescu

                             On Eminescu   
                             He is an endless spring   
                             Never touched by oblivion   
                             He is water and earth   
                             Blue skies and soul so deep   
                             He is singing birds and forests trees   
                             So many dreams or realities   
                             Rising high up, soaring immortality   
                             He loves within a dream   
                             He dreams of real love   
                             He criticizes the wrong   
                             He is proud and sings the past   
                             He makes Hyperion rise, fall, know, cry   
                             His love...of tall, white birds   
                             Who meet forever in his words   
                             His tear...a song which slides   
                             On the despair harp reaching   
                             And touching the heart strings   
                             His dream...a never accomplished bliss   
                             His world...the Beautiful, the Good, the True   
                             He stands in time for crossroads of   
                             The Present, The Future and The Past.   
Anca Nicolescu
"Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi Romania
 Teacher coordinator: Gratiela Preda
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