(in ancient meter)

 Hardly had I thought I should learn to perish; 
 Ever young, enwrapped in my robe I wandered, 
 Raising dreamy eyes to the star styled often 
    Solitude's symbol. 

 All at once, however, you crossed my pathway - 
 Suffering - you, painfully sweet, yet torture... 
 To the less I drank the delight of dying -  
    Pitiless torment. 

 Sadly racked, I'm burning alive like Nessus, 
 Or like Hercules by his garment poisoned; 
 Nor can I extinguish my flames with every 
    Billow of oceans. 

 By my own ilussion consumed I'm wailing 
 On my own grim pyre in flames I'm melting... 
 Can I hope to rise again like the Phoenix 
    Bird from the ashes? 

 May all tempting eyes vanish from my pathway 
 Come back to my breast, you indifferent sorrow! 
 So that I may quietly die, restore me 
    To my own being! 

English version by Andrei Bantas
Transcribed by Oana Platon
10th class A
" Alexandru Papiu Ilarian " Highschool Dej, Romania
Teacher coordinator Cornelia Platon
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