National and Universal Poet
Gabriel Cristian

                                                And because all these 
                                                Had to have a name, 
                                                one name, 
                                                they told them 
                                                Eminescu . 
                                 (Marin Sorescu - They had to have a name) 

      Got in immorality, the spirit of the poet, put its seal on the conscience, on the culture, on all our being, remaining
into eternity, our morning star a guid between beautiful and good. The Eminescian work, unique and bright in a
historical synthes is of our people's national traditions and of culture concentrated into a brilliant personality with a 
profound, social and philosophical thought, and a special sensibility. 

      Eminescu is an absolute creator, his individual culture standing within the European culture.  Eminescu's work is
the monumental expression of the genious of our people, a synthesis of our own soul through the praise of national 
historical values, the interest for folklore and country's nature. 

      The national myth always persists into the poet's mind and heart , discharging in his creation, so that, in this way
"history and folklore are the real springs of our poetry, he opened the national art, the view of the universality". 
 He had a sacred mission "to pour into new forms"  "the old and wise" language. Since him, our language became
a "honey - comb" ; with him we understood that the love for our land is a defending "wall" of our people, a basis of
our being in this "mioritic space".  Near him we dreamt about the wonderful "blue-flower", we were excited by the
gentle feelings of the first love. 

       From him we learned to value this wonderful present -life -without forgetting that "which is wave like wave is
passing".  Reading Eminescu, every line excites you; you're sharing with him the same feelings and you have a
great admiration for him. He is the one who knew how to involve deeply and difinitely in the history and in the 
spirituality of the people or for whose id entity, through culture and soul, in a universal plan toiled to sacrifice
        For us Eminescu means the eternity itself. That's why Tudor Vianu said:  "Without Eminescu we should be more different and poorer". 

Gabriel Cristian
"Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi, Romania
 Teachers: Marinela Dinca & Daniela Mincu
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