The Sparkle, the Glowing Light, the Infinite, the Genius
Daniel Marin

           Whether we read poems by Eminescu or we became acquainted with the subtlety of his creation maze we all have become fascinated by the fact that his entire work relies on a philosophy concerning all aspects related to man 
and his short lived existence through universe.  

          A paradox for the ordinary people though deeply rooted in reality, Eminescu seems to have ignored reality.  
Eminescu is an unreal universe for the real one. He doesn’t belong to any other reality for the genius can exist only 
in a one dimension universe. His genius is the bridge between reality and never endingness, underlying the hope that some day we shall become immortals. By offering him to us ,the universe has already revealed to us one of his hidden secrets. It seemed to be the way of the world for such a brilliant poet not to linger too long on earth. During his lifetime Eminescu was perceived only as a feeble rwinkling star  by his contemporaries, a sparkle appearing in the firmament from time to time. Nobody knew what powerful reactions would loom from this ignored sparkle. Too much tormented by the inner creating flame Eminescu gave off a part of his inside in order to face the sunshine of the universe. Too blinded by the queer vibrations of the modest star the people of his time couldnt perceive the halo surrounding him. Only when the star faded out the huge shining amount was released and the blast which was going to last for ever in the universe took place. At the last moment when the other stars saw themselves flooded by the ocean of white light they finally realized how meaningless they were in comparison with the one that once had been perceived only as a feeble twinkling star.  

            So, people, perceive the twinkle, the brilliance, the blast. You may never know when the first one is the last one and which of them floods or guides the universe some day. . 

Daniel Marin
"Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi, Romania
   Teacher coordinator: Gratiela Preda
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