The Genius
Delia Nita

           In the Romanian poetry's sky still shines the morning star. The Romanian soul's guide, the wonderful star, Mihai
Eminescu, guards the way of the national spirituality through infinite. Like no one else, Eminescu described in the chant of his poetry the image of homeland nature. The mountains, the springs, the forests, all like brothers shaked hands in a feeling, making a wall around the Romanian country, defending it of any enemy. 

          For the poet, nature was the origin of his first love. In many of his poems, he talks about love because many of
them are dedicated to his mother or to his greatest love: Veronica Micle. Faitful guide in sad moments or resting
place, nature is presented by the poet as a living character, that he loves. Mihai Eminescu was the greatest romantic poet, our national poet. He represents the bright acme of the Romanian literature. Eminescu is bound, with his whole creature, with his sensibility, with his ideas and his feelings, by the Romanians' life and heart. All the national qualities and  specific features live vividly in his work. The beauty and the durability of his work lies in folklore. 

          He will always be our morning star , our biggest poet of our times. 

   Delia Nita
   School No 9, Focsani, Romania
      Teacher coordinator: Radita Neagu
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