On Lucifer
Elena Ene

           Hyperion, as the title hero of the poem was constantly interpreted is an effigy of Eminescu himself. a symbol of his predicament as a creator of genius. 

          Eminescu was assigned a clear consciousness of his own condition as a genius and consequently of his superiority over  his contemporaries. Though he is an impersonation of the brightest star on the heavenly vault, though he is granted absolute power and knowledge by the contact with the divine, the genius can not enjoy happiness as this
pertains to the relation with the fellow beings. This singular position which he accepts with a proud resignation hinders his communication with the ordinary people. There arises a  would-be, impenetrable gap of communication between the genius and the common people. In spite of her beauty and delicacy the emperor daughter, the only one who can perceive the sublime of the status of a genius, finally ends by settling her life according to the commonest human laws. 

         With the 20 century, whose interest in myth and poetry has been revived Hyperion means the revival of the deeper layers, the rebirth of the complete, many-sided, man the genuine man. 

Elena Ene
"Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi, Romania
 Teacher coordinator: Gratiela Preda
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