(in Sapphic metre) 

That I'm doomed to die I believed it never; 
Always young and clad in my mantle I wandered, 
Dreaming eyes uplifted for ever fixed on   
      Solitude's starlight. 

When so sudden, there on my pathway rising, 
Sorrow, O so painfully sweet, thou comest! 
Then with deep delight to the dregs I drank thy 
      Merciless death cup. 

And like Nessus burning alive and tortured, 
Poisoned as was Hercules with his garment 
This great fire that's blazing in me I cannot 
      Quench with an ocean. 

My own dream consuming me, sore lamenting, 
On my pyre I die thus to ashes burning... 
Can I from it living arise as bringht as 
      Phoenix the immortal? 

Troubling eyes, go out of my way for ever! 
Back to me indifference dreary come now! 
That I may in quietness die, Ogive me 
      Back my old selfhood!  

English version by Petre Grimm
Transcribed by Raluca Antonache
School No 10, Focsani, Romania
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