The Poet
Ismail Meriem

           Talking about Eminescu is the same as whispering in a large, empty cave. Not even your echo reaches him without disturbing his silence. 

          He lives in his own universe. For him all that is not objectively possible can be created in one's mind and, for that, everything we see, we thing, we judge is nothing more than a simple creation of our own subjectivity and not real 
things. As a conclusion Eminescu wrote: "Life is a dream". Like the coulour that is nothing more than the simple real light we see in many diffrent ways and has various shades, depending on the intensity of our perception, Eminescu is the one that saw the world in his own coulours and shades, from his corner, trying not to interfere in the portrait he  
paints. In what we saw a woman he saw a sweet wonder, a blue flower, an angel or the soul of a snake, the devil. In what we saw the moon he saw the hearth full of hot coal. What we would call separation he calls it a withered flower or a tired bird trying to catch his half that flew away with another flight of birds. For all that he is different. When he did something fine he wanted to do it better. When he did it better he wanted to catch the meaning. When he cought the meaning he wanted to find the essence. When he found the essence he wanted to become one with the nature, his most important ideal. Talking about Eminescu in any other language, but Romanian is the same with viseting the Eiffel Tower in Bucarest.  

          He is universal, but Romanian.  

   Delia Nita
   Highschool Techirghiol, Romania
      Teacher coordinator: Sorina Draghici
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