Monica Purcarea

           Eminescu... you know is like a drug, once you read it you live from it. It is hard to speak about Eminescu. First you have to study Eminescu and then, maybe, you can put some words together and say something about the great

          Eminescu was and is a genius and being a genius means to have something that outruning the imagination. The poet is unfolding, in lyrics of a consumate art the aspect of nature, impressing the sensibility, bewitching the poetic
imagination. Romantic, without any doubt, Eminescu is the best poet of the Romanian people, being near to us till mixing up with the clouds and also being so far, so that no one could ever touch him. 

          Eminescu meant something and means something for us and for the next generations that will come. 

Monica Purcarea
"Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi, Romania
 Teacher coordinator: Marinela Dinca
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