Eminescu and Ovidiu in Constanta

Ovidiu, one of the greatest poets in Roma, and Eminescu meet each other here in Constanta. Statues of bronze were built "at the end of the sea" in their memorial. PUBLIUS OVIDIUS NASO, living in the same time with Vergilius, Horatius Propertius and Titus Livius, was exiled by the Emperor Octavian Augustus on the shore of Black Sea, Pontus Euxinus, where he lived his last years. After, almost 2000 years, another poet came here in June and his dream was to die at the end of the sea even if he had never seen the sea until that day. A statue, it is put in front of the sea, compensates his unfulfilled dream. Ovidius's statue is far away among the buildings of the city and it seems to be protected by the snowstorms. But even if "they" are separated, 500 metres in space and 2000 years in time, Ovidiu, the singer of tender loves, meets Eminescu, the peerless poet, in Constanta.
Ovidiu's statue, the masterpiece of an Italian sculptor
ETTORE FERRARI (1849-1929), was uncovered in August 1887. The poet, wearing a long toga, has his head bowed and proped up on his right arm. In his left hand he keeps a manuscript. At the base of the statue it is an epitaph written
by the poet here in Tomis Constanta, in our days-it is the second large city after Bucharest.

Lefo Picii and their Teacher of English Roxana Cristache
Thanks to Alina-Cristina Theodorescu

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