written by Eminescu
  selected and translated by Oana Platon
 "Truth, gold?- Everybody runs after gold while everybody runs  away from truth." 

"Truth is our master, we don't master the truth." 

"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of  love." 

"Any good citizen has a main duty to deal with his country's future." 

"The level of the general culture of a nation can't  be risen with anyone's shoulder - it's only time ant work  that can fill the gaps".

"The mankind's culture, that is the gathering of an 
intellectual and moral capital, doesn't look like the 
gathering of capital in money." 

"At any people the public and private rights are the result of a secular work and of some important scrificies."

"Everything is limited, but not pain." 

"That what is not spent as a move, is spent as energy."

"Education is the culture of character, culture is the education  of mind."

"In death and reborn there is eternity." 

"That what is possible here is certainty in eternity." 

"Genius? - the second creation of world through art."

"There are a lot who work, but few who think." 

"Shakeapeare's insanes are real wise men." 

"There are means against anything, but not against envy."

"Love doesn't choose, but picks. It is something elementary like thirst or hunger." 

"The difference between the world and it's voice is the one between consciousness and word -between essence and form - between eternal matter and the passing body." 

"A word can never replace a  reality."
"A language and its rules develop thinking."      

"A dream of death's is the world's life."      

"The world is the shadow of a cloud and the dream of a sleeping being." 

"To fight with the opposite ideas is easy if you  have the truth by your side." 

"Mind can not be eaten with a spoon."      
"Ethic should be for the soul what health is for the body." 

"Man's work can be paid but never his character and culture."      

"Work is the law of the modern world, which has  no place for lazy people."      

"The one who never lies is nature."      
"The sense of your life is to look for yourself."      

"Every human being is a repeated question asked to the spirit of the Universe."      

"People are divided into two parts: some of them 
look for and cannot find anything, others find but are not 

"Friendship is a transformation of love; it doesn't 
depend on sex that's why it's more pure."      

"He who gives his finger will have to give his 
whole hand."      

"Society is the field of continuous changings, of 
the fights for existence and supremacy, un bellum omnium contra omnes."

"Ballance in a state is like health in a body."      

"Time is death - space is a fight and movement is suffering."      
"Death is an instant, dispair is time."      
"If you want to know your future look back to 
  your past." 

Oana Platon
  10th class A
 "Alexandru Papiu- Ilarian" Highschool Dej Romania
    Teacher coordinator: Cornelia Platon
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