Sleepy little songsters, sleepy, 
In the sheltering nests alighting, 
Hiding 'mid the branches leafy; 
                  Sweet goodnighting. 

Only rivulets are sighing; 
Silent now the forest sombre; 
Sleep o'er garden flowers is lying; 
                  Peaceful slumber. 

See the swan o'er waters glideth, 
Slowly to the reeds retreating; 
Angel peace with thee abideth; 
                  Sleep my sweeting. 

O'er the elfin night campestral 
Flows the moon's effulgent beaming, 
Weaves a harmony celestial; 
                  Sweet thy dreaming.

English version by Sylvia Pankhurst and I. O. Stefanovici
Transcribed by Mariuca Dumitru
School No 10, Focsani, Romania
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