Our National Poet 
Cristina Tanase

           In his universe, Eminescu was never attracted by the lights of big cities - he had a moral pride. His soul consisted of big hard "wheels"- he was full of violence and still in love and hatred. 

          Eminescu was, in a word a man gifted to express the anger of the soul of people in danger to be smashed by the
strong powers of the old world, to bring happiness in it and to push it forward showing to it the future in a sweet past. 

         Today, though, when Romanian people, after a long time of ruling inside and inside out,  is councious of itself, the
smiling faces of the poet finds the power to rule our souls and he, Eminescu is the one to give expression  to modern Romanian feelings and with his poetic whit to carry on our dreams and hopes. 

Cristina Tanase
 "Stirbei- Voda" Highschool Calarasi, Romania
  Teacher coordinator: Fernanda Chelefa
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