Thank you, EMINESCU!

Nelly Platon            Rosy Aguila            Kristin Brown            Ed Gragert 
   I think it's a matter of pride and honour for all of us who could give a drop of our souls to make Eminescu better known in the world at this time of end of century, when real values ought to regain their rights and become models to be followed. 
       Eminescu was, is and will always be the brightest star in the sky of the Romanian poetry and through the value of his masterpieces he will remain a universal poet. 
      On behalf of the Romanian I*EARN community I want to thank all those who have contributed to the success of this project and to asure you that you have all spiritually enriched reading Eminescu's poems. 
Nelly Platon
I*EARN Romania
     I'm writing this note to say Thank You for all the wonderful things you've taught many of us through your messages. I must confess I did not know who Eminescu was until I read the proposal in the conference, and I enjoyed so much reading about his work! Thank you to those who had the idea of sharing with the I*EARN community the work of this wonderful poet, and thank you also to those who contributed to the project, since it was *their* participation which made it successful. 
Rosy Aguila
I*EARN International Director
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      I feel fortunate that you have introduced me to Eminescu and to the lyrical beauty of his poems. Unfortunately Mihai Eminescu is not generally on the reading lists in our schools and I think that had it not been for your project I might never have discovered his great legacy. 
           I followed the project with interest, fascinated to see where Eminescu's poetry can be found in the world and in which languages, and reflecting on what gets chosen for inclusion in a child's education and how with new technologies and new communities like I*EARN we have a chance to expand that. The participation from so many different countries and languages inspired me to call my local library. Just over the mountain from where I live is a university with an extensive collection of books but in all the library there is only one book of Eminescu (a book I hope to read called "The Last Romantic"). Now with your website, the poems translated to many languages, and the drawings and photos of the participants, many more people around the world will have the pleasure of "discovering Eminescu". 
           I like the idea that as we turn the corner into the next century we not only look ahead to what is new, but also look over our shoulders so that we might carry the treasures of the past with us as we construct a better future. Thank you for making sure we don't overlook one of Romania's great treasures, Mihai Eminescu! 
Kristin Brown
I*EARN Orillas Center
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   As one who was unfamiliar with the work of Eminescu, I have benefitted a great deal from your work and the creativity of all the participants.  Thanks so much for this "gift." 
       You all have truly made a difference in the world by "reaching out and building bridges"  -- two key elements in the I*EARN Song. 
Ed Gragert
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