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Eldredge Elementary School, East Greeenwich, Rhode Island, USA

The game " Telephone " is a simple game. You start off by getting lots of friends and parents, a total of about 15 people. Then you all hold hands and get into a big circle. While still holding hands, stretch out until your arms hurt. Then you sit down and let go of each other's hands. The oldest person should think of a message. When the oldest person thinks of a message they pass it to the person sitting next to them, then the person sitting next to them passes the message to the next person and so on. If one person should not understand the message they may say operator and the person sitting in front of them repeats the message to that person again. If anyone needs to say operator, they can only say it once. When the last person gets the message they stand up and they say the message out loud. If the message is right, then the person who thought of the message says "yes" and the last person wins the game. If the message is wrong, then the person who thought up the message wins the game. The point of this game is not winning. The point of the game is to see if the last person can say the message correctly. The fun thing about this game is that usually the last person never say's the message correctly. It is fun to hear the message all scrambled up.

Maureen McHugh

Duck, Duck Goose

The game Duck, Duck Goose is an indoor or outdoor game.  In the game you need about 10 people to play. Form a circle of people leaving one person out.  That person is the Goose.  The Goose gently taps the people (Ducks) in the circle on the head while saying Duck, Duck, Ducků until he/she picks somebody to be the Goose.  Once the Goose tags somebody in the circle the Goose immediately starts running around the circle trying to reach that person's spot, while the tagged person is running after the Goose trying to tag him/her.  If the Goose reaches the spot in the circle safely, the person tagged is the new Goose or if the person tags the Goose the Goose goes to the middle of the circle and the tagged person is the new Goose. The last person that is not in the middle of the circle wins.

Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek is a very fun and exciting game! You can play this game with two or more people. If there are more then two people playing then you can have teams. First you pick who will "hide" and who will "seek". Next you must set up the boundaries of were you can hide. Before the game is started the players must agree on the number of seconds or minutes the seeker must count to before looking for the hidden players. When the seeker (or seekers) is finished counting he or she yells  "Ready or not, here I come!" So the people hiding will be aware and will be total silent until the seeker finds them, or gives up. If the seeker never finds the hider than the hider with, but if the seeker does find them then the hider wins. That is how you play hide and go seek the traditional American way.

Crack the Whip

Crack the Whip is usually played with five to ten players. However it can be played with two players. To play with two players you hold with both hands, and spin fast until someone falls down. The opposite player is the winner.
To play with five to ten players there is a person in the lead, or front pulls the whole line of people holding hands. The last person in line usually gets whipped around the hardest.   There isn't a winner with five to ten players. The best place to play this game is outside in a grassy open area. Be careful! Usually, more than one person falls down. This is why you play on a very grassy area.  Good luck and hold on!

Sarah Fields and Amanda Gehlmeyer

Honey, do you love me?

"Honey, do you love me?" is a game that can be played indoors or outdoors and requires at least six or more participants. Players form a circle with one player in the middle, he or she is it. The player in the middle asks one of the players in the circle, "Honey, do you love me?" The player answering the question says, "Honey I love you, but I can't smile." If they smile or laugh, then he or she is now in the middle, and the game goes on. If the player doesn't laugh or smile then the player who was just in the middle stays in the middle, and repeats the question to another player in the circle. The game doesn't end until it is too late, somebody has to go home, or everybody is tired of the game.

Kyle Behbehani and Michael Vitone

Red Rover

Red Rover is a game where there are two even lines of children matched up facing each other. After one team yells, "Red Rover, Red Rover send (the person's name) right over," the person whose name was called tries to break through the chain of children. If that person breaks through, then the person's team has another chance to go again. If they don't break through the other team takes their turn. If they succeed by breaking through the most children then they will be declared the winners. The reason why this game is fun is because you get to break through a line of your friends and it tires kids out. Plus I recommend it because I "LOVE" to play it.

Dave Anderson

Students from Grade 5
Teacher coordinator Sue McKenna
Eldredge Elementary School, East Greeenwich, Rhode Island, USA

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