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Halloween is fun for children in the U.S.  Neighbors who want visitors buy candy.  They turn on lights by their front door.  They decorate their house with pumpkins cut out into jack-o-lanterns.  They put up pictures of witches.  They put up pictures of ghosts.  They put up pictures of skeletons.  Sometimes grownups even dress up in costumes! 

Children put on costumes.  They dress up as princesses.  They dress up as pirates.  They dress up as firefighters.  They dress up as witches.  They dress up as angels.  They go from house to house (with their parents) in their neighborhoods.  They ring the doorbell, and when the door opens, they say, "Trick or treat!"  The neighbor may guess who they are, or pretend not to recognize them.  The neighbor gives them candy! 

Some families have a party and invite friends.  People eat popcorn, and orange candies shaped like corn.  Some candy is shaped like pumpkins.  People play games, or have a prize for the best costume.  Sometimes teenagers buy tickets to go to a special "haunted house."  The haunted house is dark and scary.  There are spider webs, with big spiders in them.  There are bats.  There is scary music.  There are people pretending to be monsters and witches.  Teenagers like being scared in a haunted house!  It is like going to see a scary movie. 

Christine Rademan, teacher
Scott Libby School, Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA 
Halloween is were you dress up scary like a ghost or monster. At Halloween you go door to door asking for candy.  But we go to our church and play games for candy and toys and get hot dogs for supper there. You could even win cookies, cupcakes, or a cake!  Some of the games are the cake walk, ring throwing, and sponge throwing.  The sponge throwing is throwing a sponge at a person, the ring throwing and cake walk is boring.  All the kids like dressing up and especially the candy. 
Ty Cahela, Ingram Elementary School, Texas, USA 
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