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Japanese Games


By Saeri Hijikata, Mrie Hirose, Mao Fujisawa, Yukari Yano

"Hanetuki" is a game played on New Year's Day by girls. It is Japanese badminton. With "hagoita" we hit "hane and send "hane" to our partner. The partner has to hit it back. Hane is made of feathers hagoita is made of wood and on one side a beautiful doll is attached. We hit hane with the side where there is no doll.


By Hiromi Nagata, Kanako Tomida, Chika Takano, Kanae Morisita, Mami

It is a girls' game of Japanese juggling. We put rice or pebbles into small bags of cloth. We toss and catch them. Skillful girls can handle 3 or 4 otedamas at the same time. We play it to the "otedama song". 


By Sayaka Yamaguchi, Yoko Kaikawa, Rika Sugie

A kind of card game. There are two kinds of cards, picture cards and read cards. We scatter picture cards on a desk. One of the member reads a read card on which a Japanese proverb is written. Then people look for the picture card which illustrate the meaning of the proverb. There are 48 cards. The person who gets more cards than the others will win the game. 


By Hiromi Asai, Yoko Kunieda, Kaoru Nobukawa, Nanae Eba, Miu Adachi

Boys' game. Boys have a lot of card made of thick paper with the pictures of popular stars or characters of popular stories.
First each person offers one card each and arranges them on the ground. Then one player hits the ground strongly with another card. If the power of the wind when the card hit ground can turn over any card on the ground he gets the card. If not, he has to offer another card. Thus some get a lot of cards others lose.

Teacher coordinator: Akiko  Fujimura and students 
Nagoyajyoshidaigaku Junior High School, Japan

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