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Kyrgyz Games
Ak Cholmok

Hello! I am Aigulu. I am from town Kara-Kol which is in Kyrgyzstan. I want to write about the Kyrgyz national games. We have many games, I know some of them. They are: Kyz kumay, joluk salmay, ordo, uiak tartmay, kurosh, at chabysh, ak cholmok. Ak-it is in English white and cholmok-is something like stick I think. In this game we need two teams. They are to have their own names like yellow team or something else and they must have one white stick. One of the players has to throw the stick far from them. The teams must find the stick and say his teams' name. This game plays at night. When they want to finish to play they count their pounds. The team that has more pounds will win. That is the end.

Это Кыргызкая народная игра. АК-это на русском белый. ЧОЛМОК-что то похожое на палку. В этой игре нам нужны две команды. У них должны быть собственные имена как жёлтая или что то похожое. И они должны иметь одну белую палку. Один из играков бросает палку в дальнее растояние. Команды должны найти эту палку, и назвать их имя. Эту игру играют ночью. Когда они захотят закончить игру они считают свои очки. Команда которая имеет больше очков выигрывает.


One of the Kyrgyz children folk games is GARDENER. This game plays in level place. The players sit in circle. Leader gives the names of the flowers, plants or fruits to everyone, for example; rose, apple etc. Here leader is GARDENER. At the beginning GARDENER says; "When I was walking in my garden I saw the rose". Rose quickly says "Oh!" like frightened. Then the leader asks quickly; "What happened to you Rose?". Rose answers; "I'm fall in love to Lemon". Then Lemon quickly says "Oh!?". If the player cant answer quickly or if she/he will say other name or the name of the player who has gone out of the game is has to go out from the game and give something like pen, pencil or calculator to GARDENER. The game goes in this way. At the end of the game there will be only one she/he will won. GARDENER will show to the winner the things that gave the players and the winner will give them order.
That is the end.

Aigulu Musaeva
School-lyceum T. Satylganov
Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

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