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Spanish and Catalan versions by Rafael Badia, Spain
Traditional Children's Games
FOLK GAMES from Lithuania
Sima Varkuleviciute and Akvile Bakutyte Simona, Diana, Gintare and Jurgita

All little children like to play with dolls, cars and with friends too. But in my opinion the most interesting games came from the ancient times. Then there weren't nice dolls "Barbies" and then there weren't electricity too. I think all people know that there are short days and very long evenings in winter. People could do so much useful things per day, but they had long nights.
They met their friends at somebody's home in the evenings. Some of them sang, some told stories and others played games. Usually we play old games at our school.
It's one of them.....
Once the cat was sitting on the stove, 
and he had taken a mouse in his mouth.
Beat the cat to the hunch
and don't look at which.

First two lines we sing slowly and others faster and twice.
All children, except one, make a circle. This one is walking around them and he must have a scarf on which must be made a knot. He gives the scarf to the child he wants (remember that walking child can not stop, he must walk further).
Then sing
"Beat cat to the hunch and don't look at which".
The child who has the scarf must beat the child who is standing on the right. The child who is beating is running around and he is save when he finds place to stand. It can be repeated many times.

Little mouse
in her house
stirred a porridge
for her little children.
A pot for one,
a cup for another,
a ladle for the third
a spoon for the fouth
and none for a little  baby.
Oh, dear,
Run, run little mouse
to fetch some water.

Take a palm of the baby and "stir porridge" with his first finger of the other hand. With the words " a pot for one, a cup for another" you bend his fingers one by one, and saying the words "run, run little mouse". "Run up" with your fingers towards the baby's armpit and tickle there.

Stir, stir porridge
Little mouse fetch some water.
Run over the golden bridge
Along the sandy path.
I can't find the way,
I am scared of big bad wolf.
This is the path
This is the path
And this is the deep well.

You can play this game like the first game. There are only other words.

Children play many games in Lithuania, but I think "George Master" is one of the most popular games in our country.

George master, George master
Teach your little children.
And you children do the same
As the master shows you.

Sima Varkuleviciute and Akvile Bakutyte
Lizdeikos gimnazija, Lithuania
The Cat

One of the players is a "cat" and the others are "mice".  The "cat" is trying to catch the "mice". The "mouse" which the "cat" has caught turns into a "cat". And than that "cat" is trying to catch the other "mice". And so on ...and so on.


Un dels jugadors és un "gat" i els altres són "ratolins".  El "gat" intenta atrapar els
"ratolins".  El "ratolí" que ha estat atrapat es converteix en "gat".  I llavors, aquest "gat"
intenta atrapar els altres ratolins. I continua igual.


Uno de los jugadores es un "gato" y los demás son "ratones".  El "gato" intenta atrapar a los "ratones.  El "ratón" que ha sido atrapado se convierte en "gato".  Y entonces, este "gato" intenta atrapar a los otros ratones.  Y continua el juego del mismo modo.

Simona, Diana, Gintare and Jurgita
"Sauletekis" Secondary School, Panevezys, Lithuania

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