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Russian Games
Classical school 3, Novosibirsk, Russia
Game the bear

The bear is the bear, the children gather mushrooms and berries. The children elect the bear, they trace the bear's home. He lies the children approach to special line or go around or stay behind bear. They say in chorus: 

In the bear's forest 
We take mushrooms and berries.
And the bear growls-
He is angry. 
The bear catches the players, the player who is caught becomes the bear.

Tiunova Jane, 8 A class

In Siberia during the game named <Hollow> (ritual of punishment <Hallow>) the special ritual of punishment was being used. According to this ritual person having lost a game was being surrounded and given cap in his hand. Hi surroundings were being murmured.

Chichigar, Chichigar 
Taught you rot tor harm,
Neither looks through window
Chichigar or <how>?

If player who was being punished chose <how>, the player with the ball was beating his herd by this ball, and surroundings were running away. Person having lost should catch this ball hit somebody with this ball.

Novokshanova Victoria

If punished player chose surroundings were hitting the ball into placed cap trying to knock it out from the hands. Now days the murmurs are being also used during punishment of the players, who last the game. For example:

Were- were- were-did
Executioners jump on 
 Who won't came blows
Hi will get it more.

Oak, wash-rag and millet 
Would you choose one think from that.
Oak in tooth wash-rag-means to start again

Marina Belichenko, 8a class

The cat and the mice

Number of participants - 5 or more. One person becomes a cat. His eyes are closed. All other persons are mice. They turn him and say:

They say:
Where do you stand?
He answers:
On the bridge.
They ask:
What are you drinking?
He answers:
The juice
They run away and cry:
Try to find us and catch!!!
They clap, and the cat with closed eyes must catch someone, and caught person become 
a cat.

Olga Kosinova, 8a class

Rabbits in the Wood

For this game some children must be rabbits and the other- trees. On the opposite sides of  the playground you must draw the lines. On one of them, before the game starts rabbits get together.
Children who represent the trees rise one from another on the distance, allowing them to touch their hands. Fox lives in the hole on the border of the wood. You must draw the circle for hole.
Rabbits run in the wood, they must cross the ground, but the fox is hunting for them. She tries to catch the rabbits, and if she does that, she takes them to her house. The trees must prevent fox in the wood: children touch hands of each other, squat, bend over, wave their hands. Rabbits can simply go between the trees. Game is finished when all the rabbits will cross the ground. When you start a new game, children again chose rabbits in the wood.
Rule: the rabbits who was caught by the fox must stay in the hole.
Instructions: In this game quantity of rabbits and foxes might be different, it depends on the quantity of the children. All game depends on the trees. Children who represent trees must watch attentive after the fox, and change the position of their hands.

A Pike and Crucians

On the others side of yard marking the place for a hole where are crucians hiding from the pike. Pike living in the reeds. Before the beginning of the game, all crucians gathering in the one hole. After the signal all crucians get on from the hole and trying to cross the river. Pike go on the hunt. Catched crucians didn't exit from the game, they take each other at the hands and stands on center of the play yard, and make the net. Another crucians, swimming across one side to another side go across the net. Cathed crucians become more and more, net-more longer. Then from the net crucians doing the basket, players stand in circle. Participants of game when they cross the river must to run into the basket. Game finishing when pike catch all crucians.
Rule: Pike don't must to enter in the net or basket to catch crucians.
How to play: The game is most interest when there are many players. Holes for a crucians may be only lines, but it will be better to stretch the string, under which crucians may cross. Places, where is pike hiding, it is may be 3-4, must be at the sides of yard.
When pike catch 3-4 crucians only then they can create a net. If a pike will catch only one crucian  so he must stand out of yard and look when pike catch more crucians. The players, which imagining a net can stay in two rows.

Day and Night Game

In the middle platforms carry out/ conduct a line, till both sides from It (she) at 20-30 pitches/ steps is marked by two cities.
Playing are divided on two groups: one of them- night, other- day. Riseon distance 1 meter from a middle of a line, through 2 pitches the friend from the friend. When everyone have risen on the places which are carrying on throws a toss - stick, painted on the one hand in black colour. If has fallen by the white side which is carrying on loudly shouts: "Day!" the players from group of a day turn and, running between the players the night, fast run to the house. Those run behind them and try them mark. Marked passes in group of night. Carrying on again throws a toss, the game proceeds. Wins the group, where is more marked of the players.

Cossacks and Robbers

Players divide 2 groups. One group is Cossacks and another is a robber. Robbers run away and hide somewhere. Cossacks has their own camp, and they must go and find robbers, but one Cossack stay in the camp and guard it. Caught robber is keeping under arrest in the camp. Game end when all robbers are caught. Game is extremely interest in the edge of the forest, where is some trees, bushes, small pits. It helps to robbers in hiding.

Burners Game 

All play participants will get up pair a friend for other. The leader stands ahead of the pillar and keeps the shawl in the hand on the head. Playing speak in chorus:
Gori, gori maslo
Gori, gori yasno
Chtobi ne pogaslo.
Glyan na nebo
Ptichki letyat!
After words "Ptichki letyat" players last pair rapidly run onward, and who from them first will take the shawl, that will get up with leader ahead of the pillar, but the latest will be lose.

Double burners

Playing will get up pairs in two pillars on some distance one to the another. The leader stands ahead of each pillar. With last words "Ptichki letyat!"children, who stand in last pairs, run along pillars, one on the left, other on the right, thy  to connect ahead of the pillar in pair. Entering do not allow their to one another, try one of them to sully. If children who run had time to finish to take for hands each other, previously than sully. One of them, they will get up in pillars first, but leader newly will be lose .If the leader newly manages sully child who are running, he will get up with him ahead of the pillar, but players, who stayed without pair, stand "Goryaschimi".

Nadya Pankratova, Slava Goncharov, Sergei Akhmetov, Semen Sabinin, Vitali Shevchenko

Students of 8 A class, Classical School 3, Novosibirsk, Russia
Marina Kosinova
I*EARN coordinator
Classical school 3, Novosibirsk, Russia

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