Dacã ai intrat in  horã trebuie sã joci.  
You can't say A withont saying B.  

Dacã pui ban peste ban, se face curând morman.  
Many littles make a mickle;  

Nu da vrabia din mânã pe cioara de pe gard.  
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.  
Never quit certainty for hope.  
Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.  
One today is worth two tomorrow.  

Din coadã de câine sitã de mãtase nu se face.  
You cannot make a silk purse out of sow's ear.  

Doi ochi vãd mai bine decât unul.  
Two eyes see more than one.  

Doi pepeni într-o mânã nu poti tine.  
Grasp all, lose all.  
Dogs that put up many hares kill none. 

Dumnezeu dã, dar nu aduce acasã.  
God helps those who help themselves.  
God gives the milk, but not the pail.  

Dupã ce a murit leul, si mãgarul dã cu copita.  
Hares may pull dead lions by the beard.  

Dupã faptã si rãsplatã.  
As the work, so the pay.  
The biter bit.  
One good turn deserves another.  
Tit for tat.  
To come to one's autumn.  
Measure for measure.  

Dupã furtunã vine si vreme bunã.  
After a storm comes a calm.  

Dupã roade se cunoaste pomul.  
Work shows the workman.  
The workman is known by his work. 

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