Gãina bãtrânã face supa grasã.  
An old ox makes a straight furrow.  
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.  
The devil knows many thinks because he is old.  

Gãina care cântã nu ouã.  
You cackle often, but never lay an egg.  
Much cry and little wool.  

Gãina care cântã seara, dimineata n-are ou.  
The loadest hummer is not the best bee.  

Gãina neagrã face oul alb.  
A black hen lays a white egg.  

Gândurile cuiva i le poti citi pe fatã.  
In the forehead and the eye the index of mind does lie.  

Glasul poporului e glasul lui Dumnezeu.  
The voice of the people is the voice of God. 

Graba stricã treaba.  
The more haste, the less speed.  
Fool' s haste is no speed.  

Greseala mãrturisitã e pe jumãtate iertatã .  
A fault confessed is half redressed.  

O gresealã mai micã te scuteste uneori de una mai mare.  
A stuble may prevent a fall.  

A gresi e omeneste.  
To err is human.  

Gustul dascãlului nu-i ca a preotesei.  
Every shoe fits not every foot.  

Gusturile nu se discutã .  
There is no accounting for tastes.  
Tastes differ.  
Everyone to his taste. 

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