Oaia râioasã umple turma toatã.  
The rotten apple injures its neighbours.  

Oala acoperitã nu dã în foc.  
A danger foreseen is half avoided.  

Obiceiul e a doua naturã.  
Use is a second nature.  

Obisnuinta este a doua naturã.  
Habit is a second nature.  

Ochii care nu se vãd se uitã.  
Out of sight, out of mind.  
What the eye sees not, the heart rues not.  
Seldom seen, soon forgotten.  
Salt water and absence wash away love.  
Long absent, soon forgotten.  
Far from eye, far from heart.  

Ochiul stãpânului îngrasã vita.  
No eye like the eye of the master.  

Omul bun de gurã se descurcã usor peste tot.  
He that has a tongue in his head may find his way where he pleases 

Omul cât trãieste învatã.  
Live and learn.  
Experience is the daughter of time.  

While there is life there is hope.  
 Man lives by hope.  
 If it were not for hope, the heart would break.  

 Omul întelept face ce poate, nu ce vrea.  
 If we can't do as we would, we must do as we can.  
 Omul se judecã dupã fapte, nu dupã chip.  
 Handsome is as handsome does.  
 Actions speak louder than words.  

 Omul la nevoie se cunoaste.  
 Calamity is man's true touch stone.  

Omul nestatornic nu prinde cheag.  
A rolling stone gather no moss.  

Orbul pe orb povãtuind, amândoi cad în mormânt.  
If the blind bad the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.  

Orice pãcat poate fi iertat.  
There is mercy for everything. 

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