Rãbdarea are limite.  
Even a worm will turn.  

Rãbdarea e mama întelepciunii.  
Everything comes in time to him who can wait.  
Elbow grease gives the bast polish.  
It's dogged that does it.  
Patience brings everything about.  
Slow and steady wins the race.  
With time patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin.  

Va rãsãri soarele si pe ulita noastrã.  
Every dog has his day. 

Râde dracul de porumbe negre si pe sine nu se vede.  
To put calls the kettle black.  
The devil rebuking sin.  
The raves chides blackness.  

Râsul e bun la digestie.  
Laughter is good for the digestion.  

A-i reusi totul.  
All is fish that comes to his mill.  

Risipa aduce sãrãcie.  
Willful waste makes woeful want. 

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