Word and Color Celebration
Contributions from Ingram Elementary, Ingram, Texas, USA
Teacher coordinator: Sharon Kubenka
Word and Color Celebration of Valentine's Day
February 14th is Valentine's Day.  This charming day is for people who like or love someone.  It is a time to show their appreciation for them.  Many times people use this particular time to go with their husband, wife, fiance, boyfriend, or girlfriend to a fancy restaurant.
I customarily get candy hearts from my dad. My mom and dad usually go to a fancy restaurant which is most often out of town. This is a very nice and popular celebration for all of the people in the United States. I love this holiday almost as much as Christmas because it is so enjoyable!
Marissa Gardner
Halloween is were you dress up scary like a ghost or monster. At Halloween you go door to door asking for candy. But we go to our church and play games for candy and toys and get hot dogs for supper there.
You could even win cookies, cupcakes, or a cake!  Some of the games are the cake walk, ring throwing, and sponge throwing.  The sponge throwing is throwing a sponge at a person, the ring throwing and cake walk is boring.  All the kids like dressing up and especially the candy.
Ty Cahela
On Thanksgiving we have a huge feast.  We eat stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, rolls, mashed potatoes, yams, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. We drink tea, milk, and coke.
We have it, because the Pilgrims came over, and made friends with the Indians.  The reason was for the great harvest from the Indians and Pilgrims. Today we still have a feast like our ancestors.
Austin Magee
Word and Color Celebration of Christmas
We have a holiday in our community called Christmas. This tradition is celebrated on December 25. The day before, on the 24th, we celebrate Christmas Eve. The colors that are worn on this tradition are red and green. We have a man who is very magical and has nine magical reindeer. One has a very bright nose, which helps the magical man see while flying in the dark.  We call the magical man Santa Claus. There is a tale about the reindeer that has a very bright nose: Once there was a wonderful home in the North Pole.  Santa Claus was very busy making toys while all the reindeer where out playing.  They all played with each other but they would not play with Rudolph for he had a bright nose.  One cold winter day, on December 24, Santa had to go and give toys to the good girls and boys.  But he couldn't because it was foggy and he could not see.  Rudolph came to him and showed Santa his bright nose.  So from then on Santa used Rudolph and everyone played with Rudolph. That is the tale of Rudolph.  That is what we do on this tradition called Christmas.
Ashley Lusk
Students from 5th grade
Ingram Elementary, Ingram, Texas, USA
Teacher coordinator: Sharon Kubenka