Sãrãcia nu-i rusine.  
Poverty is no disgrace.  

Sãrutarea furatã e mai dulce.  
Stolen kisses are sweet.  

Sãtulul nu crede flãmândului.  
A full stomach does not know what hunger is.  
His jests at scars that never felt a wound.  
He whose belly is full believes not him who is fasting.  

Sângele apã nu se face.  
Blood is thicker than water.  
Good blood tells.  
Blood will tell.  

Nu schimba caii la mijlocul puntii.  
Don't swap horses in midstream/ while crossing a stream.  

A-si schimba pãrul.  
Can the leopard change its spots.  

Scopul scuzã mijloacele.  
The end justifies the means.  
Choice of the end covers choice of the means.  

Scumpul mai mult pãgubeste.  
Cheapest is the dearest.  

Nu scuipa în put cã se poate întâmpla sã bei din el.  
Don't foul the well for you may need its waters.  

Nu stie stânga ce face dreapta.  
Much water rolls by the mill that the miller knows not of.  

Nu se stie niciodatã.  
You never can tell! Don't be too sure!  

Ce stie satul nu stie bãrbatul.  
The darkest plan is under the candlestick. 

Sfatul bãtrânilor trebuie ascultat.  
If the old dog barks he gives counsel.  
If you wish good advice, consult an old man.  

Un sfat bun nu e niciodatã de prisos.  
Good counsel never comes amiss.  
Good counsel does no harm.  

Sfârsitul laudã începutul.  
The end crowns all.  

O singurã datã e tot una cu deloc.  
Once is no custom.  
One and none are all.  

O singurã oaie râioasã molipseste toatã turma.  
One scabbed sheep is enough to spoil a flock.  

Soarta e schimbãtoare.  
Fortune is variant.  
Fortune is fickle.  

Socoteala de acasã nu se potriveste cu cea din târg.  
Many go out for wool and come home shorn.  

Spune-mi cu cine te aduni ca sã-ti spun cine esti.  
The company he keeps knows a man.  
Like will to like.  
Birds of a feather flock together.  

Nu spune hop pânã n-ai sãrit.  
There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.  

Un succes atrage altul.  
Nothing succeeds like success.  

Surcica nu sare departe de trunchi.  
Like master like servant.  
Like father like son.  

Si experinta e bunã la ceva.  
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle. 

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