As the work, so the pay!
    One good turn deserves another or As the work, so the pay!
    Two friends, Marius and George met. They learn at the same school.
    Marius wants to read. He says to George: "George, you have so many nice books. Can you lend me one?"
    But George is selfish, he does not lend books. He replies: "Why do you want to take it home? You can read it here, in my house!"
    Marius thinks that his friend is a bad boy, but he does not say anything.
    The following week, George comes to Jim and says: "Marius, you have a good garden knife. Can you lend it to me? I want to use it in my garden tomorrow."
    Marius answers: "Why do you want to take my knife home? You can use it in my garden."
    Retold by Maria Dumitru
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