The Butterfly and the Snowflakes
Once upon a time, there was a little sparrow that shared a little nest with her mother. One morning she saw a white butterfly.
"Oh, he is so beautiful! I think he resembles the snowflakes my mother told me about!"
The butterfly heard the sparrow' words and he decided to wait for winter. So he hid in a warm place. One day he heard a big noise. It was the wind. The ground was covered with something wet and white. It shone in the sun like white fire. He decided to meet his brothers: the snowflakes.
"Oh, it is wonderful! I like dancing with you!" said the little butterfly.
He danced with the snowflakes for a while but he soon he felt tired. So he tried to return to his hiding-place, but the same sparrow beak which changed his life, ate him at once.

All covert, all lose!

Retold by Maria Dumitru
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