The Crow and the Pitcher
One day a crow, who was very thirsty, found an old pitcher with some water at the bottom. 
He tried to drink but could not, as it was too little water for him to reach it. 
He thought of knocking the pitcher over, but then the water would be lost; he thought of breaking the upper part of the pitcher, but the pitcher was very strong. Then he saw a lot of small stones on the ground. He began to pick them up and to drop them into the pitcher. 
Little by little the water rose and so he was able to drink. And he drank a lot of water, as you know he was very thirsty.

Experience is by industry achieved! 
If we think a little, we can do very difficult things indeed! 

Retold in English: Maria Dumitru
Artwork: Cãtãlina Iordan
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