Stories and Proverbs
A Barking Dog 
A Crow and a Fox 
As the Work, so the Pay 
The Butterfly 
The Crow and the Pitcher 
The Hare and the Tortoise 
The Stubborn Goats 
The Camel and the Giraffe 
The Cocks and the Eagle 
The Cricket and the Ant
The Dove and the Bee 
The Eagle and the Cock 
The Eagle and the Fox 
The Fox and the Grapes 
The Frog and the Hawk 
The Goat's Judgment 
The Greedy Woman 
The Lion and the Fox 
The Lying Shepherd 
The Negligent Hedgehog
The Old Man and the Kids 
The Nephew 
The Quail and Her Chickens 
The Story of the Rainbow 
The Tomcat and the Mice 
The Unskilled Monkey 
The Wasp and the Fox 
The Wolf and the Cabbage 
The Wolf and the Goat 
The Tree Stories
Special THANKS to Fãnel Lipan, Computer Science teacher