Nu umbla cu capul în traistã.  
Look before you leap.  

Una e sã promiti si alta e sã faci.  
It is one thing to promise and another to perform.  

Unde e ata subtire, acolo se rupe.  
The chain is no stronger that its weakest link.  

Unde nu-i cap, vai de picioare.  
Woe to the mule that sees not her master.  

Ulciorul nu merge de multe ori la apã.  
The pitcher goes so often to the well, that is comes home broken at last.  
The put goes so long to the water that it is broken at last.  

Unde e putere si dreptate.  
Might goes before right.  

Unde sãlãsluieste rachiul, mintea e pribeagã.  
Where the liquor is in, the wit is out.  

Unde's doi puterea creste.  
Many hands make light work.  

Unirea face puterea.  
Union is strength.  

Unul face, altul trage ponosul.  
One does the scathe and another has the harm.  

A urla cu lupii.  
With foxes we must play the fox. 

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