Arise again, beloved, out of the waves of time 
With your long golden tresses and marble arms sublime; 
Your face that now transparent and pale as wax is pale 
Is shaded by the shadow of sorrow's clinging veil! 
Your timid smile caressing does rest within my eyes, 
O star amidst fair women, o queen of starry skies; 
Your head upon your shoulder its wealth of beauty lays 
And in your eyes of wonder I'm lost and weeping gaze. 

Out of the void's dark vapours may you once more uprear, 
That to my heart I clasp you, beloved angel dear, 
That I in nameless weeping above your face may bend 
And on your lips forever my burning kisses spend. 
While your cold hand unheeding I clasp against my breast, 
Closer, yet still closer, against my bosom pressed. 

Alas, not thus the darkness gives back its own again; 
Now through its icy vapours I see your shadow wane. 
With hanging arms and helpless once more I am alone 
Before a dream unending of hours that have gone; 
In vain with arms outstretching my soul your shadow craves, 
Dear one, I cannot reach you amidst time's rolling waves. 

English version by Corneliu M. Popescu

Transcribed by Razvan Neacsu
School No. 10, Focsani, Romania
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