The Unskilled Monkey
    A young monkey found a peanut.
    It hadn't seen any peanuts till then. It had heart that they were great. It had put the peanuts to its mouth and it had nibbled it. Being angry for threw it away. An older monkey had seen it picked gravel broke it and ate the kernel. Then it told the young monkey: "If you can't think of your own, the least you could do is ask for a piece of advice from the older ones."
    Little wit in the head makes much work for the heel!

    Retold and English version: Cristinel Sebe
    Artwork: Raluca Cãrniceanu

Maimuta nepriceputã
O tânãrã maimutã gãsi o nucã. Nu mai vãzuse nuci pânã atunci. Auzise cã sunt grozave. Ea duse la gurã nuca si muscã din ea. Supãratã cã dintii o dureau, ea o aruncã departe.
O maimutã mai în vârstã o vãzu, luã o piatrã, o sparse si mâncã miezul. Apoi spuse celei tinere: "Dacã nu stii sã gândesti cu mintea ta, poti cel putin sã ceri sfatul celor mai mari ca tine!"
Unde nu-i cap, vai de picioare!
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